Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Simon Says: Live. Love. Laugh

Good Morning!
Happy Tuesday! I'm in Alabama and I swear this is the coldest winter EVER! I mean I have "winter clothes" for 40 degree lows not 15, 12 and 7! Even my truck was like "WTF is this?!" LMBO Any who, this past weekend we had a break! The high was 57! Praise him! I had to bring the Nikon out!
Has anyone heard of a store called Roses? I went to see my Mom a few weeks ago and we went inside her favorite store. To my surprise, there were quite a few hidden gems in there! Prices and quality were both on point and one of the items I picked up was this shirt for $4! Simon Says: Live.Love.Laugh, if I could add Learn to the tee, it'll really be perfect!

No boo this year,  for Vday but I still celebrate! Instead of the traditional pink and red attire. I'll probably go for something like this!

Outfit Details: Jacket and Skirt- Thrifted
   Shirt- Roses
       Boots- Payless
                             Earrings- Zelle Couture (IG)

if you just so happen to be in the Birmingham Area on Sunday! Come out and support me in my new adventure! I'm so excited!
Hope you have a great week! If I don't see you before Friday, Happy Valentines Day! XOXO
E. Louise 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Top Moments: I would say Ten but it may be more

Happy New Year's Eve!!!! These are my top moments of 2013, In no particular order of importance... Things that happen to or around me, that gave me hope or increased the faith in God or Mankind! I made a few non-conscious choices, but it worked in my favor. I chose to be positive and just to keep going, and it worked in my favor. My Year in review! I'm sure I missed some stuff but these things stick out!

14) Stay Positive: I responded to this fan in a subliminal way! I never really encountered anyone taking a direct hit at me like this before. But the moment you see growth in yourself is THE moment to be proud!

13) I worked REALLY hard on this shoot! Late nights early mornings and NOTHING! I got like 4-5 seemingly unedited pics from a guy who initially reached out to work with me. I had a vision (a few of them), we had a great time shooting together, I was patient and tried not to bother him, and even after 2 months went by, I reached out with no response. I didn't speak on it socially... until now. And I won't call any names. I sholl hate it, but  you can't control everything.... 

12) My Friend is a talented, hard working guy...BUT we have different working styles when it comes to somethings. This was one BAD shirt... but the backlash that came with linking up with someone else wasn't all good for me. I was in it not to profit, but to help. 

11) I MADE this dress! not from a pattern but from trial and error! It gave me hope! 

10)  RECREATE: to give new life or freshness; to refresh. I saw the potential ...

9) One BFF bought a house and the other one is now practicing Law... on her own! #Bosses

8) Shapely Louise stitched and sewn by E. Louise debut on the runway!!!!

7) Progress was made towards my ultimate goal! Pre Reqs for my next Degree! Master's in Counseling!

6) I've been talking about getting a fade for forever!!!! I DID IT!

5) My suggestion, if you have trouble meeting great female friends...join a running group! Below are a few of my Black Girls Run sisters! I love ALL of them! They're so encouraging, funny and beautiful Full of nothing but testimonies and motivation! 

4) Made it to CHI-TOWN!

3) Big Sister passed the CPA, completed her 1st two 1/2 Marathons and I moved out!!! LOL I love her sooooo much!!!!

2) I completed my first 5K! It's On now!!! 

1) Last but not least, I stayed committed to one of my New Years resolutions for 2013! Look at me now, steady trying to make my after picture my before picture! and I wasn't scale driven! 

I cried a lot less this year! and I'm ok with that!God is good, he's real! and I'm Ready! See Ya'll next year! 

E. Louise 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Style-(in)spiration: Little Red Riding Hood

Good Saturday Folks!!!

I've been wanting to try a solid color look for a while, but was hesitant about how I would pull it off. Well the opportunity came knocking after my friend gave me a couple of peplum tops from newlook.com for my birthday! One of them was red, and my wheels begin turning! Now I wasn't trying to look like the Kool-Aid man, but I felt with the right accessories I may be able to hit the look!

Good Bad Girl Rhi-Rhi was my style-spiration, but Kanye West had one of the best all red looks of all time!

Tights: Thrifted
Pumps: J. Renee'
 Belt/Purse- Vintage/Thrift

With so much color on, I went with a neutral face.
Urban Decay's Naked Pallet

The night was young, so why not Mingle! A few stares ain't never hurt nobody... We had a good time!
E. Louise 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Magic City Classic 2013

If you're familiar with HBCU's then you know that Magic City Classic is the BIGGEST HBCU classic to date!! It's really the LIVEST weekend in Birmingham, AL! LOL In other words us locals, ( since I pay taxes here, I think I'm a local now) wait for this all year long! Battle of the Bands, Tailgating, football, traffic, school pride, dancing, drinking and eating! Good times, good people!

OOTN: Dress - Gifted
             Vest- Thrifted
                              Shoes- Simply Fashions

Accessory Spill- 3 Chains Carmella's Boutique
Earrings- Simply Fashions

We had a good Time. It's our 3rd time hitting Kid Capri's Party! I'm getting old needing more recovery time! Hahahaha!


E. Louise

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thrift Flip: Produce Section Clothing Premiere


Is it really Sept?!?! I mean the summer is gone and it slid on by us! To say I over committed myself this summer would be an understatement! I needed a break and I took it! From just about everything! I was so spent that I didn't even have the energy or the faith I needed when the unexpected car repair or the bad day at work happened. I REALLY didn't like the place I was in emotionally and spiritually, But I'm better now! Feeling refreshed and full of ideas for the upcoming year! I'm excited again, I'm dreaming again, and I've learned.

I'm all about supporting upcoming businesses, and this past weekend I attended "The Experience" hosted by Produce Section Clothing. It's a clothing T-shirt line for men and women where "Being Fresh is Everything". I posted the link above, be sure to check them out! The party was at a local spot on a roof top, which automatically screamed Grown and Sexy! I knew I wanted to be fly AND original so I went thrifting!

I found this Moo-Moo, and the wheels in my head begin turning! It had a cool print /design, the material was stretchy, and I saw potential!

At First I took it in on the sides, but the darts/pleats in the middle of the dress did not want me to be great! LOL I sewed those down some so that it would give the dress a more fitted look. When I finished, I still wasn't satisfied. The dress was saying "Wear me to church" instead of "Roof Top ready". So, a sleeve had to go....

I really need to do better about taking pics/video during the process, but I was on a time constraint! I did this 2 hours before the party! When I removed the sleeve I could Breath!
 With the help of my mom, I went with a nude shoe and a red lip! This is the first Thrift Flip of the year! I LOVE it and it was a big hit!

Dress- Thrifted
Earrings- Zelle Couture
Clutch- Thrifted
Shoes- Rack Rooms

Face of the night
Foundation- Bovanti Cosmetics- Java
Naked Palette

My Sister tried to bail on me... I dragged her anyway!

Jumpsuit - ShapEly Louise Vintage

I was so excited to present this look! I think I'm finding my niche! Re-creating/creating looks is where my heart is. I can't wait to present you with more! Death to the creativity block!!! YAYYY!!!
Let me know what you think!
You guys have a great weekend!
E. Louise


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