Friday, February 13, 2015

Pre- Valentine's Day Choices

I absolutley LoVe Valentine's Day! With or without a significant other! There's a lot of people in this world that I give my last heart beat to.  I'm a pretty Mushy person anyway, so this should not be surprising! 

Red and black are the colors of choice today, always looking ways to jazz it up a bit. Including TIMELESS pieces like sequin and liquid faux leather seems to do the trick! 

Look 1: Sequin shorts (Forever21)                                              Look 2: Liquid Circle Skirt (Forever 21)  

Neither of these looks are work wear appropriate as is, BUT... The shorts are really an attention getter! LOL I went with the circle skirt look, but added some black tights.

Duster/ Cardi- Thrifted 
Shorts/Skirt- Forever 21 
Bowtie- DIY 
Pumps- Shoe Show 
Nude Tights- The Avenue

Filter Free- MU look ok for a rush job!
Thank you for reading!

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spring Fever: OOTD

Thrifting is just as contagious as confidence! One of my nieces recently dropped 60 lbs (I'm so proud of her) and could no longer fit this blazer. So she gave it to me and I gladly accepted!  Floral reminds me of spring, and although this Alabama weather is playing with my emotions (and my lungs), today's temps reached the 60's!!!

 Spring Fever! I CANNOT wait until this time next month. OK that may be pushing it but at least by April we'll be riding  high on 60 or better. I love Denim on Denim and feel that Floral goes great with a lighter wash.

Blazer -Thrifted (Gifted)
Top- Thrifted/Bleached DIY 
Jeans- Forever 21 
Pumps- Shoe Show 

Happy Humpday!

E. Louise

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: 2.5.15

Man I'm on Cloud nine... Two posts in one week! HAHA! So I visited with my older sister this weekend and she took the time point out that I haven't been consistent with my Thrifty Thursday posts. So this one is for you 'Laine! 
I went to a new thrift spot yesterday. Went in on a whim and I LIVED!! Had to cut back on my thrifting lately due to #BUDGETCUTS LMBO and plus since thrifting is the newest craze, the prices are going up! *rolls eyes* I saw this Jacket and said hmmmm... It's textured, it's reversible, it's colored, it's oversized, it's PERFECT! 

Went with the black side and rolled the blue side up...
Dress was thrifted by way of ING/ Boots came from Simply Fashions

2.99 with 50% off! #Score

 Happy upcoming weekend!

E. Louise

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Quick Post: Winter White and Dark Green

It's the middle of the week and I needed a pick me up! Not sure what it is about the winter months ( I know it's a southern winter but still) that makes me want to crawl in the darkest of places and hide until the sun returns! LOL It's so hard for me to get out of the bed, to get up on time, to continue my exercise regime etc! I'd rather be under a snuggie!

I kinda went with those feelings today! This jacket/ Dress (size small) was thrifted a few weeks ago from the Salvation Army. I snagged it because I'm really into dusters right now. At first, I thought I would bleach it, and have a spotted green look. But I fell in love with it as is!

I added winter white or cream to the mix. Just to brighten things up! This pencil skirt is thrifted as well! I always wake up running, so I didn't have time to focus on face. But I grabbed the latest addition to my lippie collection (1.00 find from Z- Outlet), black Eye liner and snapped a few pics. 

Happy Humpday!!!

E. Louise

Sunday, January 18, 2015

It's working for my Good! : Weekend Recap

Greetings! Happy New Year!! Wishing you well in 2015! I'm actually and honestly really nervous about not knowing what this year will bring! But, I'm working on that... However, I'm still excited! My plan this year is to get back to the basics! Of course that puts blogging more back to the top of the list! I say this every year, but I really mean it!
I haven't been outside the house since Thursday! The funny thing is, I took off Friday to get ready for the weekend, but I ended up not being able to get out the bed! Yep, I was apart of the sick in shut in! I'd been in denial about not feeling well all week! Even pushed through laryngitis! Not sure why I'm so hard headed, but I have wayyy too much to do and being sick is not on the list! ATL was in the plans! Reco Chapple, designer/owner of House of Chapple, was having a Stylist Mogul Brunch today. But I got a call from him this morning (Yes I GOT A CALL FROM RECO CHAPPLE), saying it will be rescheduled. So this would've been my OOTD... 
I'm really into wearing dresses as jackets. I picked up this Blue jean piece on one of my thrifty excursions from last week!
 I made this pencil skirt last year and the crop top came from Simply Fashions.

Hope your weekend is going better than mine! The Sun is out, and I want to enjoy it! Happy Sunday!


E. Louise


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